What is a Pre-Screened Professional Listing?

We pre-screen our listed Professionals. A listed Professional with a Pre-Screened insignia has indicated, through their profile information, that they meet the following screening criteria:

Insurance Note: For any firm that you are considering hiring, we recommend that you obtain a copy of its general liability insurance certificate directly from its insurance carrier. Most responsible Professionals carry both general liability and workers` compensation insurance. Be sure to ask your Professional about this coverage as well, because if a third party is injured by a contractor working on your home improvement project, or if one of the contractor`s employees is injured, you may be liable. Your homeowner`s insurance policy may give you some coverage. You should, however, check the exclusions listed on your policy and your coverage limit. Even if your policy provides secondary coverage, the limits of your policy may put you at risk.

Note: Any person or business may be listed on our site. For the Pre-Screened insignia we rely upon a "self-certification" process (the Pre-Screened listed Professional has, by signing an agreement with us, warranted to us that the information is correct). We screen listed Professional profiles to see if they match our screening criteria to gain the Pre-Screened insignia. Wherever possible, we provide links and references so you, as a consumer, may verify the information yourself, and we encourage you to do so. We reserve the right, but not the obligation, to verify/screen selected information provide by a listed Professional through third-parties services such as ContractorCheck.com local and state licensing agencies, and customer references.

Disclaimer: The Department of Energy and the California Energy Commission and our other sponsors and affiliates do not endorse any specific professional identified on this website.


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