Why does Solar-Estimate need this?

This estimate shows you both the size of system you would need to eliminate your bill and also instantly give you a rough ballpark of what it would cost and what rebates and incentives are available for your utility at your location.

However, often a ballpark estimate can be quite inaccurate and so we also have approximately 100 installation companies all around America that have agreed to share their real time pricing with users of this site

These installation companies require your phone number and email address as occasionally they have to call you and ask you questions (i.e often suggested system sizes do not fit on your roof, sometimes there are shading issues and sometimes rebate programs are put on hold because their annual budgets have been exhausted). These installers will email you accurate pricing for a system that will fit on your roof once they establish you are a real person and not a competitor simply trying to get their pricing.

Your data will not be used for any other purpose and will never be sold to other third parties. See "Privacy" section under Terms and Conditions


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